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Jacinthe Emard ad Stephane lacasse welcome you on the Chateauguay Gymnastics and Circus School website!

Come and visit our different sections online, consult the details about our current session or the upcoming ones, Look up our links toward our Facebook page (Gym-Fly).

The Chateauguay Gymnastics and Circus School offers classes of :

  • Circus
  • Trampoline
  • Recreational gymnastics
  • Gymnastics Competition ( Gym-Fly)

There are activities for all ages, all different levels!

Therefore, if it’s for a birthday party, a school trip or even a day camp, our locals and staff members will host you as best as possible with great pleasure.

What we have to offer

You want your children to have fun? You want them to be involved in competition? You want to be in shape yourself as well?

The Chateauguay Gymnastics and Circus School offers you many different possibilities, which are:

Getting in shape club
Birthday Parties
School activities/field-trip
Sports and study groups
Free session


Coming soon...