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Circus initiation

The Gymnastics and Circus School offer many different classes for the introduction to circus. Kids from all ages, all the levels will learn trampoline, juggling, acrobatics and other circus activities.

If it’s either just for fun and to move around or to discover the universe of circus, your kids will appreciate this new activity that will let them develop their sense of creativity.

Releve Group and Elite Circus Group

The group Releve/Elite are reserved to a restricted group of young kids that have to pass an evaluation.

The objective o this group is to offer to the kids the possibility of pushing their passion and abilities in the arts of circus to eventually join the National School of Circus.

For the past years, five artistes of circus from our circus school have been chosen to take part at the National School of Circus. Most of them hold a very good international career.

Don’t hesitate to contact us…. Make your kids dream come true!