The art of passion's sharing!

Introduction to the Circus Arts

Kids from all ages, and levels will learn acrobatics, trampoline, juggling, trapeze, aerial silks and other circus activities.

Whether if it’s just for fun or to discover the world of circus, your kids will appreciate this activity and it will develop their strength, flexibility as well as their creativity.

Relève Group and Elite Circus Group:

The Relève and Élite groups are reserved for a small group of young people who must undergo and pass an evaluation.

The goal is to offer these young people a springboard to further their skills and their passion for circus arts to eventually join the National Circus School.

Over the years, 5 circus artists from our school have been selected by the National Circus School and some of them are enjoying their career and have achieved international success.

Don’t hesitate to contact us…. make your child’s dream come true!