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Recreational sector

We welcome all young girls with or without experience that wish to join our gymnastics team.

Artistic gymnastic is a hobby that combines fun and getting in shape, this sport helps the physical, personal and social development.

Our dynamic training team offers an incredible service, au much for the beginners than the athletes that are more advanced.

The young gymnasts can improve in the recreational gymnastics (1h30 per week) and then eventually chose to pursuit in the pre-defi or pre-competition (4h00 per week).

Competitive sector

The Gym-Fly team we can count many certified coaches, two national judges, choreographers and also a physical trainer.

Our gymnasts from the Gym-fly Club are ranked in different categories depending on their levels:

Releve group:

The gymnasts in this group are the ones that do not have the age required to compete ( 8 years old on December 31st) The training they benefit from prepares them for the competitions are to come whet hay are aged required. Throughout the year, they participate in 3 competitions (Challenge Gym-Fly)

The gymnasts in this group train from 7 to 10 hours a week.

Cr3 group:

The gymnasts in this category participate in regional competitions and at the end of the year, if they qualify, are able to attempt the Regional challenge of the FJQ Games.

These gymnasts train 12 hours per week.

Provincial group:

These gymnasts participate in provincial selections throughout the year in the 4th division. At the end of the year, if they qualify, they can attempt the qualifications for them to attempts the Quebec championship afterwards. The east championship is also a competition that certain level in this category are able to attempt as well. It is also possible for these gymnasts to take part in competition, known as ‘’ invitations’’.

These gymnasts traine 16 hours a week.

National group:

These gymnasts participate in the national selection which after, if qualified, can attempt the Canadian Elite Competition in this case they aim to earn the status of High Performance. At the end of the year, these gymnasts wish to participate at the Canadain Championship. It is also possible for these gymnasts to take part in other competitions such as <>, either in Canada o where else.

These Gymnasts train 25 hours per week

At the heart of the Gym-Fly Cub, two gymnasts are members of the Team Canada, The Canadian gymnastics team.


The little four year old girls and more that are interested in passing an audition to become part of the competition sector are welcome to contact us.

The Gym-Fly club is here for you… Don’t Wait!