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Recreational Sector

Our recreational program allows your child to learn the basics of gymnastics while having fun. Your child will not only learn the basics but will develop their strength, flexibility, gross motor skills, spatial awareness, as well as improve their self-esteem and gain confidence in a fun and safe environment. Our team of dynamic coaches offer an unparalleled service, both for the beginner and for the more advanced athlete.

Young gymnasts can take part in an introductory gymnastics class (1h30 per week) and then ask to be evaluated for our Pré-Défi or Pre-competitive classes (4 hours per week).

Dress code:

Your daughter will need a gymnastics (or dance) leotard. Gymnastics is done barefoot. This class takes place without the parent. Bring a water bottle with your child’s name on it.

Competitive Sector

The GymFly team consists of certified coaches, national-level judges, choreographers as well as a physical trainer.

Relève Group (7 to 10 hrs/wk)
Gymnasts in this group have not yet reached the minimum age required to be able to compete (must be 8 years old by December 31st). Their training allows them to acquire the necessary skills needed for when they are old enough to join the competition circuit. To help prepare these little ones for future competitions, GymFly hosts 3 in-house competitions a year called the GymFly Challenge.

Regional Group (10 hrs/wk)
These gymnasts compete in regional competitions throughout the year, aiming to qualify for the Challenge des Régions and FGQ Games at the end of their season.

Provincial Group (16 hrs/wk)
These gymnasts compete in division 3 and work towards earning their spot as one of the top 48 across the province of Quebec, to compete at Provincial Qualifiers. 
Those who place in the top 24 at Qualifiers, will go on to compete at Quebec Championships. Certain categories competing at Quebec Championships also have the possibility of qualifying for Easter Championships depending on their ranking. It is also possible for provincial gymnasts to take part in other competitions called “invitationals” (non-qualifying competitions) for the purpose of gaining competition experience.

National Group (25 hrs/wk)
These gymnasts participate in national selections and aspire to qualify for the prestigious Elite Canada competition to achieve the coveted High-Performance status. Another goal is to qualify and compete at the Canadian Championships at the end of their season. It is also possible for national gymnasts to take part in other "invitational" type competitions, both in Canada and internationally.

GymFly has two gymnasts who count themselves as members of the Canadian gymnastics “Team Canada.”


Parents of girls aged 4 years and older who wish to join our competitive team are invited to contact us for an evaluation.